Lancaster Park

219 home Passive House Certified project

Nilan Compact P

With increasing fuel poverty and the climate crisis as motivators, innovative house builders Fraser Millar wanted to do something that would be part of the solution. Fraser Millars award winning, flagship development, at Lancaster Park has delivered a verified, energy efficient, large scale housing development. Fraser Millar identified Passive House as the way to demonstrate this with its 3rd party verification and certification becoming the largest Passive House project in Britain and Ireland.

With the help of Nilan.Green, Fraser Millar designed thermal bridge-free, airtight, triple glazed, well insulated homes with low heating demands that far exceeded Northern Irelands thermal regulations which were Western Europe’s worst at the time. 

A key selling point of the Nilan Compact P is its ability to deliver supply air heating and comfort cooling without the need for an external ASHP. This innovative, reversible exhaust air heat pump technology, is particularly important in city developments such as Lancaster Park, where every m2 of space is precious and where the urban heat sink effect is becoming more dominant as our climate changes.

Nilan.Green were there at the inception of this vision and have provided advice on how to reduce the mechanical demands and simplify the introduction of a fully integrated mechanical solution. At the centre of this transformation is the, Passive House certified, Nilan Compact P with its ability to ventilate, heat, cool and provide DHW for Fraser Millars spacious, 160m2, town houses. The active supply air heating coupled with a few supplementary heaters controlled by the Nilan Compact P, means the homeowners benefit from a constant, uniform, comfortable, heathy indoor climate all year round.

This has been a transformative project, allowing Nilan.Green to bring the Nilan Compact P and its benefits to Northern Irelands mass market for housing. In a market dominated by smelly heating oil and draughty, poorly insulated homes, Fraser Millar are now demonstrating a clear demand for clean, low energy housing that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels.  

Fraser Millar haven’t stopped innovating, they are regularly getting air tightness levels less than 0.6ACH, and have introduced PV in the second phase to help off set the increase in electricity prices since the start of the Lancaster Park development. This shows a clear dedication to deliver the best homes possible for the people of Belfast and Northern Ireland.


Client................: GP Developments
Location............: Belfast, Northern Ireland