South Connemara

A beautiful 113 m2 two storey barn-inspired timber frame house in South Connemara, Ireland

Nilan Compact P

The property sits on the coastline along with unique, rural architecture.  The building is a barn-inspired Passive House that is the perfect setting for a home.

A large, south-facing window corner offers views across Galway Bay towards Burren.  From the window corner there is access to a beautiful decking with a ramp that leads down to the garden.

As it is made from wood, the dwelling cools down faster than a stone or brick building. The polished concrete floors will absorb excess heat from the indoor air.

Nilan’s Compact P unit was chosen because the energy from the extract air can be utilised to produce domestic hot water.

As Compact P is the only heat source for the dwelling, an after-heating element was installed. Compact P can heat the supply air up to 34 °C. However, if the heat pump in the Compact P unit is unable to heat the supply air to a high enough temperature, the after-heating element will help heat the supply air. The same happens if the heat pump is to produce domestic hot water. 

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Client..........: Mr. Naughton
Location..........: Galway – Ireland