West Cork

Architect and designer John Morehead has created a spectacular Passive House on the edge of the bay in West Cork, Ireland

Nilan Compact P GEO6

The dwelling extends over two storeys and 281 m2. It is a striking building of elegant design and with fantastic views.

With the ambition to build a Passive House, Morehead bought the plot 8 years ago. However, gaining building permission took 5 years, and problems with design and materials also delayed the build.

As the house was to have very low energy consumption, active heating and cooling were required. The solution was therefore Nilan’s Compact P GEO6. Compact P provides ventilation with heat recovery, and it heats the domestic hot water. The GEO6 heat pump heats the dwelling and the water in the 250 L additional hot water tank. 

The layout of the house is unusual as everything revolves around the staircase. 

The dwelling is designed as a family home with teenagers, where there is room to be together as a family but also individual spaces that offer privacy. 

Nilan’s Compact P unit with GEO6 and SHW was chosen because the compact solution is a neat installation that is easy to use.  

Using a control panel, you can control both ventilation and heating of the dwelling as well as production of domestic hot water. 

Compact P ventilates the dwelling and uses the energy from the extract air to heat the domestic hot water. 

GEO6 is a geothermal heat pump with a SCOP of 5.15, which makes it very cheap to heat the dwelling. 

The SHW hot water tank holds an additional 250 L of water. It is therefore ideal for large families or dwellings with large bathtubs. 

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Entrepreneur.......: CHOM Construction Ltd.
Location..........: West Cork - Ireland