In the past, this location was occupied by an old powder mill (Kruttverk) that produced explosives. Now, you only hear the wind in the trees

Nilan Compact P GEO6

Only 20 min. drive from Oslo, 70 new family-friendly terraced housed are being built on top of Kruttverket.

The houses are high-quality builds with white, smooth surfaces indoors, parquet flooring and a beautifully tiled bathroom. Large windows allow a maximum amount of natural light inside.

Nilan’s Compact P  unit with GEO6 was chosen because the compact solution is a neat installation that is easy to use.

By means of a control panel, you can control both ventilation and heating of the dwelling as well as production of domestic hot water.

Compact P ventilates the dwelling and uses the energy from the extract air to heat the domestic hot water.

GEO6 is a geothermal heat pump with a SCOP of 5.15. As a result, it is very cheap to heat the dwelling. 

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Location..........: Oslo - Norway