Permatopia is a sustainable eco village consisting of 90 terraced houses near Copenhagen, Denmark

Nilan Comfort 200 Top

Permatopia is intended as a self-sufficient, meaningful and modern commune with low living-costs and an environmentally sustainable lifestyle based on the idea  of permaculture.

This eco community is realised through mutually beneficial interaction between the residents and the environment. Together the residents farm the land and they have their own supply plant based on sustainable energy and resource circulation.

90 terraced houses, a communal farm, farmland and a supply plant - designed on the principles of permaculture and cradle to cradle, with renewable energy and complete resource circulation.

Nilan’s Comfort 200 Top is an excellent choice for these types of properties, because it is a compact unit that requires limited space.

Comfort 200 Top is a ventilation unit with passive heat recovery via a counterflow heat exchanger.

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Client..........: Etableringsforeningen Permatopia
Architect............: House Arkitekter
Location..........: Karise - Denmark